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Stain Removal Tips

Expert advice on removing rug stains
simply and effectively.

STEP 1: Act immediately.

STEP 2: Soak up liquids and scrape off any solids with a spoon.

STEP 3: Do not rub or scrub the stain as this may permanently distort the carpet fibres.

STEP 4: Blot the stain with a clean white towel. Repeat until stain no longer transfers to towel.

STEP 5: For all water-soluble stains such as coffee, wine, soft drinks, and food, use Turco Persian's Carpet Stain Remover. Alternately, mix a drop of dish detergent with 8 oz of warm water. Dab solution onto stain and repeat. Be careful not to over soak rug.

STEP 6: When the stain no longer transfers onto the towel, fold a clean white towel in half about four times. Lay it on top of the stained area. Place a telephone book on top for 24 hours.


For urine:

STEP 1: Soak up excess urine immediately.

STEP 2: If stain is still wet, dab on straight white vinegar to neutralize.

STEP 3: Follow folded towel procedure in step 6.

For gum, grease, shoe polish
and other oil-based stains:

STEP 1: Spot clean with odourless mineral spirits (readily available at hardware stores).

STEP 2: Apply solution to a clean, colourless towel and wipe the area clean.

STEP 3: Note: Do not soak rug.

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