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Donegal Antique Rug Oversize


SKU : 10127, 90236i

Image is cropped due to its size. This image shows one quarter panel of the actual rug.

This oversize antique Irish Donegal rug is quite an astonishing piece for its size. The wool is of good quality and the rug is in very good condition.

The Donegal Carpet Company began in 1898 boasting the largest carpet loom in the world. Founder, Alexander Morton didn’t like the industrial direction the carpet industry was headed and wanted to return to more traditional methods. He employed 300-400 women from the surrounding areas of Killybegs to hand-knot carpets in his shop.
This was a great boost to the economy as there were little industries hiring women at that time. The women who were hired were usually former embroiderers, lace makers and seamstresses with skills passed down through the generations. They had great attention to detail and the ability to match colours and follow intricate patterns. The sheep in the area produced fleeces that were revered for their high durability and softness.

By 1906, the Donegal Carpet Company had achieved a high reputation for their top-class, hand-crafted products throughout Europe. They began receiving orders from many prestigious addresses such as Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Vatican and Canadian Parliament.

Interesting fact: The Donegal Carpet Factory’s infamously massive loom comes from great Canadian pine trees and measure up to 40 feet long. The same looms that once produced carpets for Queen Victoria over a century ago are still there today.

Actual Size 39' 2" x 16' 5"
Product Type Rug
Type Donegal
Construction Hand Knotted
Style traditional
Country of Origin Ireland
Age Circa 1900
Period 20th Century 1st Qtr
Antique true
Pile Material 100% Wool
Foundation Material Wool
Production Village
Design Allover
Pattern Curvilinear
Colour Tags blue,red
Density 16kpsi
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