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Top 5 reasons to clean your area rugs this spring

Posted on May 22 2018

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  1. Dust Mites and Allergens: Over time, rugs can become a feeding ground for dust mites. The dust accumulating in your rug can lead to irritation for those with breathing issues or allergies.  Regular vacuuming combined with a professional cleaning is the best remedy for this common problem. A powerful vacuum removes up to 80 per cent of particulate soil, but leaves behind a combination of oil, dust and dirt that eventually builds up into what can be pounds of unseen soil buried into the pile the rug. We recommend getting your rugs thoroughly washed by professional in order to keep your rugs fresh and looking their best.
  2. Canadian winters can wreak havoc on your rugs! Snow, dirt and salt tracked through your house during the winter can cause fading, stains and colour damage.  Professionally cleaning your rugs can extend their life by removing the buildup of salt and dirt.
  3. Spots and stains: With the holiday season well behind us, many of you are gearing up for summer entertaining. Ensure your home or cottage looks its best by having your rugs cleaned and stain-guarded.  Turco Persian uses a water-based fibre protection that helps repels spills and allows for easier cleanups.
  4. Pets: Over the winter, your pets spend more time indoors than during the spring and summer. This means more pet hair and dander makes its way into your rug. Furthermore, if you are dealing with a puppy or an aging pet you may also be dealing with urine or fecal stains. Allow the professionals to do what they do best; Turco Persian can treat your rugs with enzymes to target pet stains and eliminate odors.
  5. Storage: If you leave your rugs in a closed cottage for the winter, you may discover some uninvited guests taking up residence in your rugs. Moths love dark, undisturbed places to lay their eggs. The eggs hatch and the larva make a meal of the wool fibres. Agitation, sunlight and cleaning are the best ways to prevent contamination and spreading. Regular vacuuming and rotating large rugs once a year is recommended. If you have a moth problem, Turco Persian will perform a special freezing and cleaning to remove moths, larva and eggs. We can also apply a moth treatment to help deter new moths from attacking the rug. It is best to have rugs that are left undisturbed for long periods of time professionally wrapped for safe storage.

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